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  • Wedding Activities

    what, when and where

    Day 1: Arrival and Batan Island Tour (Northern & Southern Island)

    Meeting Place: TBA

    Date: May 30, 2016

    Time: 10AM, Tour Starts

    After settling down in your respective hotels, we invite you to join us as we explore the beautiful island of Batanes!


    We have arranged a tour for our group (with compliments!) so relax, enjoy and expect a whole day of fun!


    Your pick up timings are specified in your welcome kits.


    7:15-7:45 Arrive at Basco Airport, register as a tourist.

    8:00-8:45 Check in at your respective accommodations

    9:00 BREAKFAST

    10:00 Tour Starts

    -Mt Carmel Chapel

    -Radar Station

    -Japanese Hideout

    -Boulder Beach

    -Rolling Hills

    -Stop at Paredes House

    -Chawa Viewdeck

    -A ride to Rakuh A Payaman (Marlboro County), local version, with breathtaking panoramic view, velvet green grass and tamed farmed animals that could share pictures with you.

    12:00-13:00 LUNCH

    -Exit to Imnajbu, stop at Alapad Rock formation viewing the Loran Station

    -Proceed to ruins of Songsong (Ghost Town), a small village swept by the tidal waves in 1950s.

    -Visit Honesty Coffee Shop

    -Visit an old church of Ivana built in 18th century

    -Visit the oldest existing house in Batanes that was built in 1880s, Dakay's House.

    -Visit the Spanish Bridge that was built in 1850 and completed in 1860.


    -Original Spanish Lighthouse

    -Basco Lighthouse to view the sunset

    17:00 Back to the lodge

    19:00 DINNER

    Day 2: Sabtang Island Tour

    Meeting Place: Ivana Port

    Date: May 31, 2016

    Time: 5:30AM, Tour Starts


    Your pick up timings are specified in your welcome kits.


    4:00 Wake up call

    4:30-5:00 BREAKFAST

    5:30 Ride to Ivana Port (45mins) to catch the 6:00 ferry crossing to Sabtang)

    6:00-7:00 Cross to Sabtang in bancas.

    -Sabtang Church

    -Visit the 3 towns in Sabtang which all look like they were frozen in time.

    -Proceed to Barrio Savidug and Idjang, an old settlement where local wine is made and where people take refuge when attacked by other clans during the old times.

    - See the beautiful place of Chavayan

    13:00-13:45 LUNCH at Nakabuang Beach

    14:00 Catch without fail the last trip of ferry back to Batan Island

    15:00 Arrive at the lodge


    Tuesday Dinner + Worship Night

    Venue: Batanes Resort

    Date: May 31, 2016

    Time: 6PM-9PM

    We are holding a welcome dinner for family and friends on Tuesday evening at Batanes Resort starting at 6PM onwards. Instruments, singing, and stories are welcome!


    Attire: Wear something white.


    Footwear: Paths throughout the property are along forest trails or hilly paved roads, so please consider this when choosing your footwear.


    Your pick up timings are specified in your welcome kits.

    Wednesday Entourage Breakfast

    Wedding Rehearsal + Photoshoot

    Venue: Batanes Resort

    Date: June 1, 2016

    Time: 6:45AM-2:30PM

    Entourage are requested to come for a pre-wedding rehearsal and photo shoot.


    5:30 ENTOURAGE ONLY: Wake Up Call

    6:30 Shuttle pick up to Fundacion Pacita


    7:30-11:00 Hair & Make Up

    11:00-14:00 Wedding Rehearsal & Photoshoot

    14:30 Leave Fundacion Pacita for the wedding ceremony



    14:15-14:30 Shuttle pick up to the wedding ceremony.

    Wednesday Wedding Ceremony + Wedding Reception

    Venue: Rakuh A Payaman (Marlboro County)

    Date: June 1, 2016

    Time: 3PM

    Our ceremony will take place outdoors amidst the beautiful hills of Marlboro County. We will then have the reception at Naidi's Lighthouse.


    Your pick up timings are specified in your welcome kits.

    The Wedding Palette

    Dusty Blue. Sand. Champagne. Bone. White.

    We encourage you to come in festive attire in these colors only. It can get chilly (and windy!) in Batanes so jackets/wraps/someone to hug are encouraged for warmth when night falls.


    Footwear: Paths throughout the property are along forest trails or hilly paved roads, so please consider this when choosing your footwear. We recommend flats for the ceremony and reception.

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    One of the best decisions we've ever made was creating our own wedding website aka "WedSite". Our story and things that matter to us were all squeezed in one url that we get to keep until the internet age ends! Simple. Fast. Easy. We get to be creative- that we love, a lot! We get to see changes on design real time. Guests were kept in the loop- RSVPs were sent and received on time (at least most of them!) and a whole lot more!


    If you want your own, feel free to connect with us by email or by phone and we'll get back to you the soonest we can! 


    Jay + Jerrah


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    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

  • Travel Info

    Currently, there are 2 airlines in the Philippines that fly to Basco, the capital and airport of Batanes. Kindly book your airline tickets in advance to avail of early bird rates.

    MNL-BSO 6:00-7:45AM Daily

    BSO-MNL 8:10-9:50 Daily


    May 29: 6:00-7:15AM

    May 30: 6:00-7:15AM

    May 31: N/A

    Jun 1: 6:00-7:15AM



    June 2 N/A

    June 3 7:45-9:00

    June 4 N/A

    June 5 7:45-9:00

  • Accommodations

    We have made arrangements with the following hotels aka 'homestays' for the duration of our event (May 30-June 2). However, if you plan on arriving earlier or extending your stay, do let us know so we can make adjustments ahead of time. RSVP no later than April 1, 2016!


    National Rd, Basco, Batanes


    Brgy. Chanarian, 3901 Basco, Batanes


    Brgy. Chanarian, 3900 Basco, Batanes


    Brgy. Chanarian, Tukon, Basco, Batanes 3900

  • RSVP

    Your presence means a lot to us! Kindly RSVP no later than

    April 15, 2016

  • Gift Registry

    Material gifts are nice but we prefer to go here!


    Israel: No place on earth is quite like it, and nothing can replace the experience of discovering its secrets, breathing its air and stepping in to its biblical history. Help fund our way to this event. It will be an incredible, faith-enriching experience! Plus it's our birth month too! Click the green box for more details!

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